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Country has seen a very long phase of downward market trend that lasted for more than 6 to 7 years, and has resulted into shaken faith in investors upon the financial markets. Establishment of the current stable government, has shown steady market growth and positive sentiments in the nations economic stability. It is the time to invest in the market, but we understand that its a tough decision for the investors to select their portfolio in such a dynamic and volatile market.

Looking into the scenario we decided to initiate a process of spreading the awareness about the markets and investment strategies. We are developing a dedicated team to help investor in understanding their goals and objectives behind their investments. The team will work to meet with investors' expectations and help in designing their investment strategies and monitor such investments to achieve their long term goals.

We foresee the future of country based in the Aadhaar system, whereby, our country can be benefited and safeguard leakages and loopholes in the vast government machineries. Small saving makes country strong. It is an established fact that when the world economy was in doldrums in last decade, economy of the country was stable and was not cause of worry. This was achieved only because Indian habitants have the habit of saving. Due to small savings of every Indian habitant, India could face the financial turmoil with ease.

Towards the same goal, we are also working with Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) and spreading the awareness about being invested to safeguard individuals old age. Many people wishes to keep invested but do not wish to get into the markets directly. National Pension System introduced by Government of India and regulated by PFRDA is the scheme for all, where focus is not the short term, but long term to safeguard the old age. Regular investments during the earning ages will be made into the scheme to make generate a corpus for pension.

As a corporate social responsibility we are working with Bank of India and Bank of Aryavrat for governments' financial inclusion initiative and the scheme launched by honorable Prime Minister namely "Pradhanmanti Jan Dhan Yojna". We have successfully deployed around 150 people in various locations in Uttar Pradesh and have opened around 50,00,000 accounts and serving the people with banking services in remote areas. We are also associated with PFRDA to spread the knowledge about the "Swavalamban Yojna" for the weaker section of the society to inculcate the practice of saving for their old age.

We highly appreciate the "Digital India" move introduced by honorable Prime Minister, encouraging to develop techonologies in India in various domains. E-insurance is a mile stone in the era of dematerilisation. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has introduced dematerization of life insurance policies. We are now associated with Central Insurance Repository Limited and servicing for maintenance of eInsurance accounts

We have already stepped into the field of Information Technology under the unit named Cybeesoft Solutions. Cybeesoft Solutions is working in various domains and developing solutions to help the people in automating their manual processes using IT and mobile technologies. Cybeesoft Solutions' Document Management System is one such initiative towards digitising the complete paper work in all kinds of organisations.

To conclude, Abhipra is an organization that has been working consistently in providing its customers services as the need of the hour in its journey of more than a decade.

Hope you will cherish an experience called Abhipra.

Abhinav Aggarwal