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India has started the intra-state e-way bill from April 1, 2018, along with the inter-state implementation of the e-way bill. Any shipment of value greater than Rs 50,000, moving a distance greater than 10 km (unless crossing state border), is required to generate and possess an e-way bill during its transit.

Abhipra as a GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) has launched a Abhipra e Way Bill Software to caters the needs of the industry. Abhipra e Way Bill solution is user friendly software with safe and secured database. Abhipra has got the capability and expertise to develop custom solutions as per the requirements of Railways.


As we know the Indian Railway plays an important role in India’s Logistic sector. In India, 32% of the goods are transferred through trains and has main advantage over Roads like one point checking, timely deliver and wide network.

 Source : IMaCS Research & Analytics

In the GST regime, Railways have to play a very vital role in Indian logistics sector as it has to prepare a consolidated e Way Bill for movement of goods.

 What Actions can be performed by users in Abhipra e Way Bill Solution Software?

  • A user can generate, update, cancel and print the e-Way Bill.
  • Consolidated E-Way Bill – Users has the options to consolidate the e-Way bills, updating and cancelling them.
  • Reject – Users has as option to reject the e-Way Bill generated by others, if it does not belong to the user.
  • Masters – Users can create the users’ masters like customers, suppliers, products, transporters.
  • User Management – Our software has the option for the users to create, modify and freeze the sub-users to his business. 

Key Highlights of Abhipra e Way Bill solutions software

    a) Real time e Way Bill generation

    b) Web based interface and cloud based application

    c) Secured and robust APIs

    d) User friendly dashboard to monitor usage and request

    e) Bulk generation of e Way Bill

    f) Role based access control for e-way bill generation

    g) Easy to manage multiple organizations h) Bulk Uploading