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Advantages of Sovereign Gold Bond Investment


  • SAFEST : Zero risk of handling physical gold
  • Earn Interest : 2.75% assured interest per annum on the initial investment
  • Tax Benefits : No TDS applicable on interest Indexation benefit if bond is transferred before maturity. Capital Gain Tax exempt on Redemption
  • Assurance of Purity : RBI will announce the price before the issue date which will be fixed on the previous week's simple average of closing price of gold of 999 purity published by IBJA.
  • Sovereign Guarantee : Both on redemption amount and on the interest
  • Easy Exit Option : The tenure of the bond is for 8 years with an option to redeem from 5th Year Onwards on the date on which interest is payable.
  • Ease of Borrowing Loan : SGB can be used as collateral for loans
  • Traded on Exchange : Tranche 1 trading commenced from 13th June 2016 onwards.

sovereign gold bond return on GOLD

sovereign gold bond assurance of safety

sovereign gold bond assurance of purety