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Rematerialisation of Holding

Rematerialisation is the process by which investor can get his electronic holdings converted into physical certificates.

The investor needs to submit Rematerialisation Request Form (RRF).

Abhipra as DP, enters the request in the system and blocks the client's holdings to the extent the request for Rematerialisation is received.

The RRF is sent to the Issuer/ R&T agent. The Issuer/ R&T agent then prints the certificates, despatches the same to the client and simultaneously electronically confirms the acceptance of the request. Simultaneously, the client's blocked balances are debited.

The process completes maximum in 30 days time depending on the response from the Issuer/R&T agent.

The investor need to take care that

  • he / she needs to mention the lot type in the RRF.
  • he / she has sufficient free balance in demat account before raising the Remat Request.
  • during the period, the requested share holding is blocked and hence, he/she can not trade in the securities.





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