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Online Trading Platform is a robust, state of art trading application for Equity, Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives. Online Trading Platform provides an integrated system for Trading and Risk Management which supports trading on multiple Exchange and multiple Segments. Some key features of the platform are as follows:


1. Market Watch & Enquiry

  • Market Watch profile
  • Market Watch Group Settings
  • Predefined Market Watch
  • Conditional Market Watch
  • Auction Market Watch
  • Price Ladder
  • Top N Scrips
  • Security List
  • OHLC Chart
  • Market by Picture (MBP)

2. Orders & Trade Management

  • Buy and Sell Order Entry
  • AMO orders
  • Basket Order Entry
  • Spread Order Entry
  • Two-Leg and Three Leg Order
  • Buy Cover and Sell Cover Order Entry

3. Risk Management

  • Comprehensive Risk Rules at all levels( Exchange , Market , Segment and User )
  • Real time Margining & MTM calculation
  • Managing different Risk levels
  • Multiple Trading Products – CNC, Margin , MIS
  • Admin Square off
  • MIS Auto Square off

4. Report Management

  • Order Book ,Trade Book
  • Spread Order Report
  • Order History Report
  • Net Positions Report
  • RMS Limits
  • Rejected List
  • DP Holdings
  • T1 Holdings