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Account Maintenance

Abhipra as a Depository Participant with NSDL and CDS is providing all account maintenance services as under :

  • Standing Instruction Facility

    • The investor manages the holding lying in his account. Abhipra as a DP may transfer the shares from the investor's account based on the standing instructions received through delivery transaction slip to designated account.
    • The investor may give
      • Market Slip - Delivery instruction to transfer the shares to the Clearing Member's Pool account to settle the market obligation based on the transactions done in stock markets (National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange,)
      • Off-Market Slip - Delivery instruction to transfer the shares to other Beneficial Owner's Demat Account.
      • Download Form Standing Instructions I Authorisation Letter
  • Change in Address

    • The account holder can change his address by submitting the changes in writing to Abhipra as DP along with proof of identity, proof of new address with original document of new address for verification and latest transaction statement received for verification
    • Download Form Address Change
  • Bank Account Details updation

    • The account holder needs to provide the bank account details at the time of account opening.
    • The account holder may change the bank account details as per his wishes / needs.
    • The bank account details are used by the companies to transfer the corporate benefits directly to the account holder's bank accounts.
    • The change in the bank account details are immediately provided electronically to the companies, whose holdings are lying in the account holder's account.
    • Download Form Bank Account Details
  • Nomination updation

    • The account holder can make a nomination of his account in favour of any person by filing the nomination form.
    • The nomination is considered to be conclusive evidence of the account holder'(s) disposition in respect of all the securities in the account for which the nomination is made.
    • The account holder can change his nomination any time by simply submitting fresh the nomination form.
    • Download Nomination Form
  • Consolidation of Accounts

    • The account holder may open multiple accounts as per his requirements. Upon fulfilment of such requirements, may want to bring their holdings to one or fewer demat accounts.
    • The account holder may consolidate his holding using off-market account transfer instruction and later close the zero balance accounts.
  • Closure of Accounts

    • The account holder can close a demat account by giving an application in the prescribed form.
    • The account holder may only close the demat account having zero balance in his account.
    • In case there is any balance in the account sought to be closed, the following steps are necessary:
      • Re-materialisation of all securities standing to the credit of the account at the time of making the application for closure; or
      • Transferring the balance to the credit of another account opened by the same account holder(s).
  • Freezing of Account

    • Account freezing means suspending any further transaction in the demat account till the account is de-frozen.

    • A demat account can be frozen upon

      • receiving a written instruction in prescribed form from the client. A frozen account can be de-frozen or re-activated if the client submits written instruction in prescribed form to the DP.

      • receiving instruction from regulator(s), Government authorities, Judicial bodies.

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