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There are two depositories in India and we have connectivity with both of them (NSDL & CDSL).

Our Services

  • Providing electronic connectivity to corporates for securities and debt instruments.
  • Transfer / Transmission / Transposition of shares (securities) / Nomination of shares.
  • Sub –division / consolidation / split up of securities.
  • ISIN activation / Demat and Remat of securities.
  • Commercial Paper and debt instruments.
  • ESOP and Lock-in of securities.
  • IPO, Bonus, Right Issues and payment of dividend. Arrangement of holding AGM / EGM,
  • Postal Ballot and Attendance Slips for AGM/EGM.
  • Resolution of investor complaints.

Reports; Share Holding Pattern, Secretarial Audit Certificate, Certificate under clause 47 ( c ), List of shareholders, Transfer Register, Transmission Register, Split Register, Duplicate Register, Consolidation Register, Demat and Remat Register, Dividend Register, Index Register and Allotment Register and mailing List etc. 


Debt Instruments

  • Corporate Action Form, List of allottees and Board Resolution from the company.
  • Verification of data from depository.
  • Letter to depository for credit and confirmation from depository
  • Execution of corporate action

Commercial Paper

  • Checking of ISIN activation
  • Information from company about details of CP sent to NSDL / CDSL.
  • Issuing Paying Agent (IPA) certificate for allotment of IPA.
  • Letter to NSDL for credit of Commercial Paper. Confirmation from NSDL for execution of Corporate action.
  • Execution of Corporate Action / Release of Corporate Action Information
  • Certificate from IPA for redemption
  • Execution of Corporation Action.

Lock in of shares

  • Corporate action form from the company and list of shareholders for lock in of shares.
  • Letter to depository and confirmation from depository.
  •  Release of corporate action for debit of free shares.
  • On successful debit of shares, release of corporate action for credit lock in shares.


  • Intimation from company prior to allotment of ESOP for file verification.
  • Confirm & copy of corporate action form and details of allotment from the company.
  • Letter to depository for credit of shares and confirmation from depository. Execution of corporate action and rejection checking – after uploading the file.
  • IPO Information
  • Details of Forthcoming IPO’s

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