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Active and Inactive Client Policy

Active clients

The client will be made active only after receiving all the documents for different categories as listed hereunder:

  1. In case of individuals : self attested copy of PAN card, address proof and cancelled cheque, Colour photograph alongwith and duly filled and signed account opening form / KYC and FATCA Form.
  2. In case of non resident individuals :  FEMA declaration as per FEMA guidelines, a self attested copy of passport  / POI Card/ OCI Card and overseas address is mandatory alongwith the documents listed at serial 1.
  3. In case Corporate : Copy of balance sheet of last 2 years, (to be submitted every year , Copy of latest shareholding pattern , list of all those holding control, either directly or indirectly in the company in terms of SEBI takeover Regulations, duly certified by the company secretary/Whole Time Director/MD, photograph , POI, PAN, POA and DIN numbers of whole Time Directors /two Directors in charge of day to days operations.
  4. In case of Partnership Firm; Copy of balance sheet for the last 2 financial years, , copy of partner ship deed, Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of 2 partners.
  5. In case of Trust : Copy of Balance Sheet for the last 2 financial years (to be submitted every year), copy of Trust Deed, Photograph , POI, POA and PAN of Trustees.
  6. In case of HUF: PAN of HUF, Bank passbook of HUF/bank statement in the name of HUF.
  7. For all other categories such as Unincorporated Association or a body of Individuals, Banks/ Institutional Investors, Foreign Institutional Investors (FII), Registered society etc  are listed in the account opening form.
  8. The account will be made active only after original documents are seen by the authorized representative of the Company and in person verification is done and is satisfied that the clients is genuine and all the documents submitted by him are also genuine.

Inactive clients

Client account will be considered as inactive if the client does not trade across any segment of any Exchange during the period of six months or as per guidelines/directions issued by the statutory authorities such Exchanges and SEBI etc. The assets of such inactive clients shall be returned after adjusting the debit balances in the account of all segments such as cash , derivative, currency, of the all the Exchanges if any.

Reactivation of Clients

Inactive client account will be reactivated only subject to necessary due dilligences and confirmation‘s (by written request/by mail/ SMS or any other mode) as Abhipra Capital Ltd  may deem fit and as per requirement of the Exchanges and SEBI as per their circulars , and directions which will be issued from time to time.