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Client Code Modification and Error Code Policy

  1. The objective of Abhipra Capital Limited is to frame standard policy for handling the mistakes on part of the Dealers while executing trades and rectification thereupon.
  2. The stock exchanges provides the facility to rectify the genuine mistakes done by the dealers at the time of the trade execution.
  3. The trades executed erroneously shall be altered as per the Exchange Guidelines.
  4. The Dealers on realisation of the mistake shall report the error committed to the Branch Manager / Surveillance Department.
  5. The Surveillance Department on receiving the request shall examine the genuineness of the error and accordingly allow the modification of such trade executed to the Error A/C opened in the name Abhipra Capital Limited.
  6. Such trade transferred in the Error Account shall be squared off immediately.
  7. Any difference and losses on account of such trade transferred to Error Account and squaring up shall be the responsibility of the respective Dealer.
  8. Surveillance Department shall review the BEST system periodically
    1. to deactivate the inactive clients.
    2. to allot respective client codes to the dealers.
  9. Surveillance Department shall maintain a separate register of all reported client modification cases.
  10. Surveillance Department shall keep regularly review the register, and keep strict monitoring on the Dealers repeatedly making errors. All such reports shall be forwarded to Management for further actions.

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