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At Abhipra Capital Limited, retail investors are serviced for their investment / trading in the premier exchanges of the Country. As per the requirements of SEBI vide its circular CIR/MIRSD/5/2013 dated August 27, 2013, all staff members are educated and sensitised about the fair trade practices as per various policies laid down by ACL and guidelines for dealing with conflict of interest of ACL as intermediary.

All staff members are educated to ensure

  • that fair treatment to each client and not discriminate among them.
  • that personal interest does not at any time conflict with our duty to the client and the client interest always takes primacy in their advise, investment decisions and transactions.
  • that transparency and appropriate disclosure to the clients of possible source or potential areas of conflict of interest which would impair the ability to render fair objective and unbiased services.
  • that to reduce opportunities for conflict through prescriptive measures such as through information barriers to block or hinder the flow of information from one department / unit to another etc.
  • that appropriate restrictions on transactions in securities while handling a mandate of issuer or client in respect of such security so as to avoid any conflict.
  • that not to deal in securities while in possession of material non published information.
  • that not to communicate the material non published information while dealing in securities on behalf of others.
  • that not to contribute to manipulate the demand for or supply of securities in the market or to influence prices of securities.
  • that not to encourage sale of products not suiting the risk profile of the clients.
  • that not to share information received from clients or pertaining to them, obtained as a result of their dealing for their personal interest.
  • that to adhere with the policies and procedures laid down by ACL to ensure implementation of the circular in true spirit.
  • that the client/investor is given top priority and transparency is maintained at all level.

Internal Auditors are also educated and informed about SEBI regulations to make sure that the practices and processes are in-line to ensure conflict of interest does not take place in the organisation and  in a time bound manner shall be reviewed and necessary observations shall be provided to the management for implementation of the provisions/guidelines of the circular.